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There aren’t many perfect days, but when there are–you embrace them. This Vintage Harvest Mock Wedding was a dream come true! Mock/Styled weddings have become an internet sensation among photographers and creative directors all over the world. This is our time to truly shine as photographers because each detail is curated and assembled to our […]

November 18, 2018

A Vintage Harvest Wedding

Styled Shoot

DISCLAIMER: ***The following may be triggering for some readers*** We had the privilege to chat with Mirashaye Basa who just moved from small town Indiana to Washington D.C. We know Mirashaye through Brizzy–they met working together in retail. Mirashaye graduated high school this year and made her move to the state capital to study political […]



November 1, 2018

I Stand With Her: Mirashaye Basa

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  In October of 2017, I found out I had hodgkin’s lymphoma. After two years of feeling sick, my health slowly got worse and worse. Now, I was officially a cancer patient. A week prior, I had an excisional biopsy on a swollen lymph node on my neck…Immediately after the surgery, my surgeon met with […]

August 24, 2018

lizzy lynn


Brown skin. Brown eyes. Brown hair. I didn’t want to look like me, who did? Every single person on TV had white skin, blonde hair, and colored eyes. Growing up in Fontana, California in the late 90’s, early 2000’s you’d think my Spanish tongue was sharp and proud. However, my role-models were Mary-Kate and Ashley […]



June 15, 2018

Cafe Con Leche

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One constant in life is, change. Change enables growth and perspective. With that said, Emma and I wanted to take a new direction–a progressive approach to story-telling. We open this forum with heart, intention, inclusivity, curiosity, and love. We acknowledge that this world is made up of culture, diversity, and creativity. It is our differences […]

June 10, 2018



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