home is where the fear takes you


  1. Kathleen Thompson says:

    Know that your journey is a journey with purpose.
    I have embraced this recently more than ever before. I came to Louisville because I was afraid of being unemployed. It turns out the job I was running to actually taught me to be patient in my once again state of unemployment. It doesn’t mean it is easy, but I learned so much about myself in Louisville. I miss the city and my new friends for sure.

    • brizzyroseandemma says:

      Moving from one place to another has definitely shown us that–how it’s all with purpose. It’s a thing of beauty…journeying and navigating the depths of living life, fully and abundantly. Even when things get messy or unsettling, we come out with perspective and growth. 🙂

      I am thankful for your time in Louisville. What a sweet addition you were in my (Brizzy) life at Shawnee. <3

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