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A Vintage Harvest Wedding

There aren’t many perfect days, but when there are–you embrace them. This Vintage Harvest Mock Wedding was a dream come true! Mock/Styled weddings have become an internet sensation among photographers and creative directors all over the world. This is our time to truly shine as photographers because each detail is curated and assembled to our vision and standard. Do we want a bouquet of blue thistles and orange flowers? done. Do we want to have a ceremony on the Cliffs of Moher? DONE. Although, we didn’t get to have our first mock wedding on the Cliffs of Moher, this time. We did, however get to shoot in front a field of tall, tall majestic grass. This mock wedding was set at The Parklands of Floyd’s Fork, in Louisville, Kentucky on November 4, 2018.
This was our first collaborative styled shoot, working together among an array of talented creatives. We had no idea what to expect. No one ever anticipates wind. We anticipate rain. Never wind. Yet wind is what visited and she (the wind) was definitely ferocious yet wispy, ethereal, and wonderful. We entered the day without rose-color-sunglasses, to say the least and it was every bit of incredible.
Our loving and powerful sister friend, Jordan White (@state_of_ruin) took lead as Creative Director AND Bride–she translated our vision into something of our wildest desires. We have never met someone more driven and intentional than Jordan. When Jordan wants to get something done, she will get it done. When we say we couldn’t have done this whole dreamy day without her, we truly couldn’t have. Jordan introduced us to 95% of our team! A team of powerhouses who not only embraced our vision, but added their own creative touch. Everyone brought their A-game. We hope those seeing this blog today, fervently enjoy each detail, each moment, and each photo as much as we do. It is our “first-born-baby” and we are honored and proud to share it with you.

Special thanks to the following team for providing their service, talent, and time.
We are endlessly grateful.

Photograpers—Brizzy Rose and Emma
Creative Director and Bride—Jordan White
Rentals—Queen City Vignette
Bridal Gown—Elizabeth Crum Bridal
Floral Design—With Love
Bridal Jewelry—Lackadazee
Groomsmen Tie—Beautiful Idiot Clothing
Groom—Dakota Waldecker
Behind The Scenes—Lianet Ramirez + Hannah Bettag

—Behind the Scenes with the Team—

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November 18, 2018 at 3:27 pm

Love love love!

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